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Cut the Apron Strings and Throw them into the Lions Den!: A Move Towards More Interactive and Independent Forums for Teaching and Learning

Absract: In today’s higher education environment, practitioners are constantly striving to improve teaching and learning methods. This Case Study outlines on-going practice within Bournemouth University Media School, on the Persuasion and Influence Module (BA (Hons) Communication).  The paper elaborates on how workshops may be the way forward as a medium for achieving learning outcomes in the best environment.  The students are  given a title for a specific workshop, (example: ‘Why are Values, Attitudes and Behaviour so central to the persuasion and communication process?’); their group or individual work is offered in the first hour and debated (in terms of strengths and weaknesses) by all students.  In the following hour the lecturer offers an ‘answer’, then the group discusses and critiques the topic.  This method has been successful in achieving: debating skills; group discussion; evaluating skills; and overall ability in analysing text and theory in the context of a set question or topic area.

Author Information: Kate Armstrong is a Lecturer at Bournemouth Media School, Bournemouth University.

Date: September 2002

Download pdf: Cut the Apron Strings and Throw them into the Lions Den!

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