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Advanced Creative Project in Advertising

Abstract: This case study details a two semester 40 credit (1/3 of a final year work load) module that is offered as an alternative to a dissertation for students taking an undergraduate (single or joint honours) degree in Advertising. The course is taught in the School of Creative Arts and Humanities at Trinity College, Carmarthen. The course makes extensive use of case studies developed with local businesses and organisations. Students work in groups or ‘virtual’ agencies to deal with the case study and present their solutions to representatives of the businesses in a competitive ‘pitch’. The module offers a number of benefits: the students gain experience of working to ‘real world’ problems and developing high level skills; the businesses involved benefit from having tailor made creative solutions developed for them for actual problems they may be encountering. The course has proven very successful and in a number of instances the businesses have used the student’s work.

Author information: Marcus Leaning, Senior Lecturer in the School Of Creative Arts and humanities at Trinity College, Carmarthen

Date: March 2008

Download PDF: Advanced Creative Project in Advertising

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