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PhD scholarship 2007...

Toruun.jpgThe ADM-HEA Subject Centre is jointly funding a PhD scholarship with the University of Brighton’s Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning Through Design (CETLD). Torunn Kjolberg, who recently completed a MA in Fashion at the Faculty of Arts and Architecture will be undertaking research work to examine how undergraduate fashion and textile students use visual research and archives in their learning. Her work will attempt to define what visual research means for design students and in particular fashion and textile students. Students across the creative and performing arts and design commonly use visual materials as ways of exploring and testing ideas. These materials range from collecting visual references to sketches, diagrams and technical drawing. They use a wide range of media from freehand drawing through photography to computer graphics. Although the occupational and professionally related skills developed through this are generally well understood, far less is know about how visual research helps students to learn. Torunn’s study will focus on the use of collections and archives and in particular the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum (one of the collaborative partners in CETLD) and how these inform changes in the conceptions of design.

Supporting Torunn’s PhD will add to the wide range of work on this subject recently commissioned by the ADM-HEA Subject Centre. It also broadens the range of work the Subject Centre supports directly involving students.
In the early stages of her project Torunn will be supervised by a team from the Subject Centre, the Faculty of Arts and Architecture and the V&A. She aims to complete her doctorate by July 2009.


Visual Research questionnaires

The following questionnaires, for tutors and students in fashion and textiles, will inform a PhD thesis researching what is, in art and design education, frequently termed visual research. In this context visual research implies the creative process of ideas development for design, i.e. where design ideas ‘come from’.

The results generated by these questionnaires will form baseline data for a longitudinal, qualitative study starting in September 2007.

Through a better understanding of students’ different perceptions of visual research this study aims to conceptualise this so far under-researched learning method and thereby enhance the quality of student learning.

I hope you will take a few minutes to answer this survey. The questionnaires, one for teaching staff and one for students, are provided both in printable and online versions. The online surveys can be accessed through the following links and the printable versions are also attached below.

Online questionnaire for tutors
Please download the pdf version here

Online questionnaire for students

Please download the pdf version here

I would be grateful if you would distribute the questionnaires amongst your students and teaching staff.

Thank you
Torunn Kjolberg

Please return paper copies to:
Torunn Kjolberg
ADM-HEA Subject Centre
Faculty of Arts and Architecture
University of Brighton
Grand Parade