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Art Design Media - Open Educational Resources (ADM-OER) Project 2009-10

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It is accepted that Virtual Learning Environments have grown rapidly in the Web 2.0 world. Digital repositories have become essential to the delivery of accessible and sustainable teaching and learning materials. This ADM-OER pilot project constitutes the art, design and media subject strand of the more extensive Open Educational Resources Project being undertaken by JISC and the Higher Education Academy. 

The benefits of shared resources are both incremental and durable providing support not merely to institutions and teaching staff but also to the wider subject community, students and prospective students, nationally and globally. 

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The pilot project completed in May 2010 formed part of the UK-OER Programme and aimed to support existing institutional repositories and also deliver multi-discipline, and cross-institutional, open-source teaching and learning materials in higher education through the JorumOpen central repository.

Please Note: On completion of the pilot project the ADM-HEA Subject Centre was successful in its proposal to manage a Phase 2 Cascade Project. Running from August 2010 to August 2011 the Practising Open Education Project is working with six new UK HE institutions to share pilot project's findings and outputs to collect additional materials and further develop understandings of OERs, their creation and use.

For more information: Project Webpage


 The ADM-OER project aims have been to:

• Review current institutional and departmental policies, practices and procedures relating to the ownership, use and development of digital learning and teaching resources in art, design and media higher education. 

• Establish effective guidelines to support the continuing release of open access educational resources. 

• To make a significant number of existing learning resources freely available through institutional digital repositories and JISc’s JorumOpen. 


The ADM-OER Project was undertaken in association with two art, design and media institutions: University of the Arts London; and the University for the Creative Arts and one university faculty: the Faculty for the Arts, Cumbria University. The consortium partners, who have gone some way in the development of institutional digital repositories, will together share their expertise and knowledge of processes in order to release a wide range of educational resources produced by their departments of art, design and media.

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The University of the Arts London builds upon the successful development of a JISC-funded repository of research materials to create a repository of multimedia teaching and learning materials. The Open Educational Resources (OER) project will enable freely available access to a flexible repository containing a variety of art and design materials in formats ranging from text to still and moving images to sound. 

Digital repositories are increasingly seen as a valuable teaching and learning tool. The OER will be a showcase of UAL staff and student work to a world audience facilitating the re-use of deposited material for teaching and learning. The OER will allow UAL to retain and manage its teaching and learning materials more efficiently as well as enable long-term proof of authorship of unpublished work. 


Stephanie Meece (Institutional Repository Manager) University of the Arts London

Visit UAL Project Website

Institutional Repository

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The development of an open educational resource is an extension of the work that our staff have already undertake in preparing materials to support and enhance student learning. It also builds on our work with the KULTUR project to develop visual art works repositories and we are keen to sustain the interest in the UCA repository. 

This project provides the opportunity to archive learning materials and so sustain best practice in supporting student learning; because it offers the learning materials to the sector, it creates an opportunity for critical review and feedback which will stimulate further enhancement. As creative artists we value a process of collaboration and development of skills and look forward to supporting a successful project outcome.

Sarah Jeans (Dean of Research and Innovation for the Creative Arts) University for the Creative Arts

Visit UCA Project Website
Institutional Repository

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The ADM-OER Project will facilitate the sharing and reuse of quality-assured open educational resources within University Of Cumbria, among project partners and in the art, design and media HE sector. Long-term benefits aim to promote staff willingness, ability and confidence to use alternative modes of academic delivery. The appropriate web-enabled methodologies, tools and processes are intended to both support the student experience and the development of staff. 

The project will lead to an increase in FDL modes of learning in UoC and improvement in the effectiveness and sustainability of the infrastructure that supports them. The long-term impact will be to enhance the reputation of project team and of Centre for the Development of Learning and Teaching in UoC and beyond.

Stephen Wheeler (Institutional Leader) Faculty of the Arts, University of Cumbria

Visit University of Cumbria Project Website

Institutional Repository



The ADM-OER Project has been able to build upon the work of VADS (Visual Arts Data Service) an online resource for visual arts. Established in 1997 it has built up a collection of visual over 100,000 art and design images that are freely available and copyright cleared for use in learning, teaching and research in the UK.

For further information visit the VADS Website



The  blog has mapped the progress of the project building in key milestones, offering links to conferences, reports, publications and changes throughout the period of the pilot OER programme. We are still keen to encourage wider debate on the issue of Open Educational Resources in the art, design and media HE community. For more information and access to conferences, workshops, publications and important links please go to:

 The ADM-OER Project Blog



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JorumOpen is JISC repository hosting a wide range of OERs across all HE subject disciplines for access, use and repurpose under Creative Commons licenses. The repository is easily browsed and resources can be uploaded in a few steps.

For further information go to: JORUMOPEN


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For teaching staff and institutions who would like more information and guidance Academy and JISC have helped develop an information space for guidance and support in all OER areas.

For further information go to: OER INFO-KIT



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The project has generated a series of documents, reports and templates that are intended for use by the wider subject community. Please click on the link to access the PDF files:


ADM-OER Project Final Report  

Final Report published by Academy-JISC


VLE's, Digital Repositories: Current Institutional Facilities, Policies and Practices Report  

The report uses information provided by the project partners  in order to help assess how art, design and media materials are accessed and used by departments in present digital environments (also available as webpage - see below)


Copyright, Intellectual Property and Licensing: Institutional Report  

The report draws upon the available copyright and IR documents accessible online through project partner’s websites and others made available to the ADM-OER Project. It includes documents and links used by the partner institutions for the clearing and licensing of teaching and learning materials. The report includes an overview of copyright; creative commons licenses and offers guidance on how to produce an OER


OERs - Towards Understanding and Future Policy in Art, Design and Media Higher Education: Focus Group and Survey Report  

The report is the result of focus group discussions with project partner's teaching and support staff, and an online survey undertaken with the subject community. It covers perceptions of OERs, the conditions of creation and use, technical legal implications and the impact on relations between teaching staff and institutions (also available as webpage - see below)


OERs - Copyright, Intellectual Property and Licensing Guidance  

Guidance, information and key agencies that will assist those interested in producing, using or exploring the key factors regarding OERs


ADM-OER Project Staff Employment by Cost Centre  

HESA data on staff figures in art, design and media subjects


VLE's, Digital Repositories: Current Institutional Facilities, Policies and Practices Report Template  

The template used by project partners in reporting information to the project management


ADM-OER Project Survey Summary 1  

Collated responses from the online survey


ADM-OER Project Survey Summary 2  

Collated responses from the online survey


OER Creation Flowchart  

An overview on the process of creating an OER


OER Depositor Agreement  

Draft document that can be used by staff and institutions when using OERs


OER Focus Group Handout  

Format used for focus group sessions


UAL Seeking Permission from publishers letter  

Draft document that can be used by staff and institutions when using OERs


UAL Take Down Policy  

Draft document that can be used by staff and institutions when using OERs


UCA Digital Resources Release Form  

Draft document that can be used by staff and institutions when using OERs



For further information contact: Stephen Mallinder (Project Manager)


ADM-OER Project VLEs and Digital Repositories: Current Institutional Facilities, Policies and Practices Report

Report detailing current practices and policies at the partner institutions More...

ADM-OER Project - Copyright, Intellectual Property and Licensing: Institutional Report

Report on the policies currently in place at the ADM-OER project partner institutions More...

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