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HE in FE projects 2003-4

the links on this page are either to project descriptions,  associated events details or final project reports. For a full alphabetical list of all ADM-HEA projects, please click here.

The development of a research culture in a specialist Art & Design College
Leeds College of Art & Design

In order to respond to the growing numbers of HE students within specialist FE institutions there is a concern that those institutions involved should be able to develop research cultures.

“The ability of colleges and HEIs to work in long term partnership to
deliver the government’s challenging target and maintain the high
standards expected by everyone concerned will be influenced to a large
extent by how this issue is approached and resolved.” (Widdowson

This project sets out to examine how research cultures could be developed, looking at existing research into the issue as well examining developments within FE institutions that have supported the implementation of research. A distinction is made between research as developed and practiced in Higher Education and research practices within Further Education. Existing scholarly activity within FE is described and the paper examines how this could be extended to develop a research profile within FE sector specialist colleges.

Implementing a Virtual Learning Environment for Art & Design disciplines
Cleveland College of Art & Design

The main premise of this project was to look at how a VLE could be
developed for use with Art & Design Students. Teaching in art & design is often studio-based and does not appear to transfer easily to the on-line environment. This often means that Art & Design at Higher Education levels has been slow to recognise and maximise the opportunities that a VLE can offer and can look to colleagues in Further Education for inspiration and advice, where development in Information Learning Technologies (ILT) has been very pro-active. The project intended to look at how a VLE can be implemented to meaningfully enhance the student’s learning experience...

An investigation into a range of possibilities for work-based learning in an Art and Design FE/HE context
Northbrook College West Sussex

This project aimed to investigate the importance of work-based learning in preparing students for employment in the creative industries sector in light of the increasing emphasis on the graduate employability agenda and personal development planning. The project looks at issues related to a range of HE provision, BA (Hons), HND and specifically Foundation
Degrees. It will also consider issues related to the assessment of work-based learning within two key contexts: work placements and work-related learning.


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