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Ten+One Conference

University of Bradford
29 November 2010 18:00 - 1 December 2010 17:15

The 'Ten+One' Closed Loop Economy/Sustainability conference is aimed at business leaders and secondary/FE/HE education leaders.
The Ten+One conference will be a key opportunity to hear some of the world's leading closed loop economy thinkers. TEN guest lectures around ONE key perspective on the transition to a sustainable economy. The focus is skills, jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities in a 'cradle to cradle' or 'closed materials loop economy'. This lecture series will be introduced by Professor Michael Braungart, one of the world’s leading designers and industrial consultants. This masterclass event will discuss the implications for business, community and education of moving from a linear, 'take-make-dump' economy to a circular economy where economic systems thinking and design is based on ecological principles. Waste is designed out of the equation and the economy features closed materials loops increasingly powered by renewable energy. Considerations of place, scale, resource and diversity will be at the core of development.
Developed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and University of Bradford, this event will be a great opportunity for business and education leaders to engage with some of the world’s leading closed loop economy thinkers. The conference will feature discussions on the role of Education in a Closed Loop Economy. Foundation staff will introduce plans to develop STEM, Design & Technology and Business Studies curriculum partnerships focussed on the Closed Loop Economy.
Details are in the Ten+One conference brochure on the website.    

Tickets for the individual lectures can be purchased online.
If you would like further background about this conference, please contact Craig Johnson.

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