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Sustainability Education & Training

27 January 2011 17:00-18:00

Earthscan's free Earthcast Webinar on Sustainability Education & Training

5:00 pm Western European Time (London, GMT)

Join the authors of Sustainability Education, Engineering Education for Sustainable Development and The Sustainable Self for an event that presents innovative ideas and strategies for embedding sustainability in curricula and professional development, and in teaching and learning practices.

Stephen Sterling, Cheryl Desha and Paul Murray will look at the response of Higher Education & Training to the sustainability agenda, the challenges that remain, and innovations that are working.

  • Get an overview of the response of Higher Education to the sustainability agenda
  • Hear about innovative approaches – that are working – for embedding sustainability in curricula
  • Learn about a 'whole of institution' strategy for rapid curriculum renewal
  • Learn techniques to help you align your core values with working and living sustainably


Registration is required to join the event


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