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Student Transition Swap Shop

University of Central Lancashire, Preston
1 February 2011 10:00-16:00

The aim of the event is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and to discuss issues relating to supporting students in their transition in to HE.
Subject to availability of funding, the TAG Team will fund the travel of two people per institution. 

Projects at all stages of the project cycle are welcome to attend - even those at the "ideas stage".

Initial feedback has show participants are interested in discussing and exploring the following key topics;
a)      Student engagement
b)      Platform used (i.e website, Social Networking)
c)       Engaging staff / senior management buy in
d)      Managing content
e)      Sustainability

Event agenda

Welcome and introduction - Participants are requested to deliver a 5 minute presentation outlining your project / work and highlighting the key topics areas in which you have experience and those you hope to discuss.  Please note the list is not definitive.

Extended speed dating – Participants will separate into small groups to discuss the key topics.

How to Guide evaluation – As the event is funded through the JISC Benefits Realisation programme, participants will be asked to spend a short time evaluating a resource the TAG Team have developed to support other HEIs developing similar projects.

Student panel – A student panel will be set up to answer questions from a students’ perspective and discuss the transition experience.

Action planning – Staff will be asked to complete an action plan and informally present it to the group. The TAG Team will use the action plans to inform the report for the event.

Please use the registration form to register and outline your travel requirements for the event. Please note once tickets are booked, changes cannot be made.

If you think you may require over night accommodation or a method of transport other than train or car, please contact the TAG Team separately by emailing

The deadline to book a place is 15 January 2011. 

Contact Email:

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