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Presentations from Annual Forum 2011

Presentations from Shaping Things to Come: ADM-HEA Annual Forum 2011 - in order of delivery


Keynote Speaker


Professor Maureen Wayman OBE

Maureen Wayman


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The subjects represented within the Higher Education Academy’s Art Design Media Subject Centre have been taught for almost two hundred years.

This rich educational history has evolved gradually and been influenced over time by many interventions: commerce and the needs of manufacturers; movements like the Arts and Crafts and Bauhaus; individuals like Summerson and Coldstream; revolutions like Hornsey 1968 to name but a few. 

Perhaps at this difficult point in time such history will be helpful to art, design and media educators? After looking initially at some key points in ‘old’ history, this presentation looked at key points in recent history i.e. the last eleven years of the ADM-HEA and the valuable legacy provided by the people associated with the Centre.


Morning Discussion Sessions 1-7  (opens on another page)

(11.15 - 12.30)

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Afternoon Discussion Sessions 8 - 14  (opens on another page)

(13.30 - 14.45)

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Keynote Speaker


Emma Hunt

Emma Hunt


Opening slide Emma Hunt presentation


What does the future hold for Art and Design Higher Education?  Drawing on the recent CHEAD New Forms, New Futures Conference, The Design Commission’s Education Inquiry and views from around the world this keynote will start to identify what the future holds for the sector.  Is the Art and Design sector expected to produce ‘Super People’ to solve social and economic problems?  Are we the experts, or should we give that mantel to our students? What are the real things that are really happening to our sector and why we need not worry about the future – it can be bright if we want it to be so!

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afternoon presentations and discussion sessions

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