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Outside In–The Permeable Art School

CIT Crawford College of Art & Design Cork, Ireland
9 September 2011 08:30 - 10 September 2011 16:00

Keynote Speaker Lewis Biggs, Director of the Liverpool Biennial

Outside In–The Permeable Art School aims to explore whether the contemporary Art School remains an institution that reaches out and influences the cultural landscape that surrounds it and the effectiveness of the reciprocity by which society infiltrates and influences the Art School.

The conference will be organised around 4 discussion strands.

Discipline Discussion Groups:
1    The Art School Gallery: the role of the college run gallery. Convener Stephanie James

2    Academy/City/Artist: post graduation, what is the art school’s responsibility and role in enabling their graduates to develop a sustainable cultural environment? What’s the benefit of staying in the city where you studied? Convener Kevin Atherton

3   Does Fine Art need a Facelift?: If Fine Art is no longer at the centre of Art Education what is it like to be at the periphery.What is the educational consequent response? Convener Sean Cummins

4  Art School as Broker: The Art School facilitating commissions. Case studies/best practice exploring links and relationships with industry albeit in kind, live projects, slack spaces and pop-ups, internships and student initiatives. Convener Mark Gaynor

Urban Fabric 2 Project
In conjunction with the Conference 12 European Countries and over 20 Fine Art Colleges are represented in the Urban Fabric 2 Student Project, will produce ephemeral urban works at 11 locations in the historical City of Cork, to be shown at the Crawford Colleges Wandesford Quay Gallery.


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