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Good Statistics Workshop

University of Birmingham
4 April 2011 11:00-17:00

This workshop is motivated by common statistical misconceptions and mistakes made by users of statistics in a wide range of subjects. The MSOR Network have observed these errors over many years of refereeing papers, reading articles and noting the bad use of statistics in material published in the media that often lead to outrageous conclusions.

The workshop attendees will discuss a range of topics in relation to misconceptions about:
·         scales of measurement;
·         graphs and charts;
·         carrying out surveys;
·         formal and informal inference;
·         the misuse of outliers.
Such errors can also lead to giving statistics a bad name. They will show how thoughtful planning and design are key activities that are necessary before applying any statistical techniques. Indeed, they argue that trustworthy applications of statistics can only stem from systematically carrying out the paradigm of plan, collect, process and discuss. This is a fundamental part of all scientific enquiry.
Target Audience: non-specialists who use and need to report results from applications of statistics in their subject specialist areas, especially mathematics or statistics education researchers and colleagues in faculties or schools of education.

Contact Name:
Janet Nuttall
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