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EKSIG 2011: SkinDeep - experiential knowledge and multi sensory communication

University for the Creative Arts, Farnham Castle
23 June 2011 11:00 - 24 June 2011 17:00

EKSIG 2011 will address the theme of SkinDeep - Experiential Knowledge and Multi Sensory Communication. It will be convened by the DRS Special Interest Group on Experiential Knowledge (EKSIG), and hosted by the University of the Creative Arts.

  • Professor Richard Shusterman (USA, aesthetics and somatic philosophy)
  • Professor Magdalene Odundo (UK, Ceramic Forms)
  • Professor Christoph Zellweger (Switzerland, Jewellery & the body)
  • Antonia Taddei/Ludovic Nobileau (France stress free / performance)

EKSIG 2011: SkinDeep - Experiential Knowledge and Multi Sensory Communication aims to provide a forum for debate about the multi-faceted, multi sensory and multi-modal possibilities of communicating knowledge in the creative and practice-led disciplines.

The need to address the issue of communication has arisen from the different approaches and requirements regarding the dissemination of knowledge and experience in research and creative practice. For example, creative practice tends to convey its content and meaning through its outcomes, which can relate to different, often intersecting or converging sensory stimuli such as visual, aural, tactile or olfactory. Equally, procedural or process knowledge - in the creative disciplines more commonly known as skill - relies on demonstration and first hand experience for its communication as much, or more so than on written text.

In contrast, the presentation of research traditionally has been fixed to its verbal and textual articulation with a whole tradition of dissemination, mainly in written formats, such as peer reviewed conferences and journals. This predominance of textual presentation has long been questioned in the creative disciplines, and recent workshops on the role and balance between text and other forms of the communication of research, and on the multi-modal presentation of research have indicated a strong interest and need to exchange knowledge and experiences on the issue of multi-sensory communication of research.

With this conference, the organisers wish to explore the different ways in which tacit knowledge can be given more appropriate consideration within the framework of research. This may include for example investigations into the nature, aims, validity, evaluation, and/or necessity of different modes of communication and exchange.

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