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Educating for the Real World

Surrey Centre for Excellence in Professional Training and Education, University of Surrey, Guildford
29 September 2010 10:00-16:00

Although Higher Education is very much part of the real world of our students and staff, the organisers are using ‘real world’ to denote the world that lies outside formal education: a world that is dominated by experiences involving, work, play, entertainment, social interaction, family and friend relationships, and much informal learning.
Many Universities and colleges are recognizing that a more complete and relevant higher education seeks to combine and integrate academic and real world experiences of learning. Many universities are also paying attention to students’ development gained through informal learning in the many aspects of their lives that they choose to engage in outside their programme of study. This combination of perspectives might be defined as education for and in the real world.
What do we mean by educating for the real world and how do we design a curriculum that encourages, integrates, values and recognises this form of education? This one day symposium provides an opportunity for educational professionals to share thinking, practices, policies and research on how we design and create opportunity for combining and integrating academic and real world learning and experiences.


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