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Challenge 3: Learning to change

London Knowledge Lab, 23-29 Emerald Street, London, WC1N 3QS
17 September 2010 11:00-16:00

This event is organised by the Caledonian Academy and Higher Education Academy.


11.00-11.15    SSeLF SIG* launch and welcome

11.15-12.00    SSeLF Challenge 3 presentation: Changing organisational practices with Developmental Work Research, Professor Anne Edwards, Oxford University Department of Education - Key questions: How might universities change learning practice? What methodologies can support such change

12.00-12.15    questions

12.15-13.30    lunch break

13.30-14.30    Interactive session: using concepts and methodologies for change in participant's practices and organisations

14.30-15.00    Presentation by Karen Stepanyan 'Approaches to Sustainable E-Learning in a Changing Landscape: a Scoping Study (SELScope)'

15.00-16.00    SSeLF SIG meeting (everyone welcome)

Session report on ‘Learning for change’
Roadmap for sustainability of SSeLF


* HEA Supporting Sustainable eLearning Froum Special Interest Group (SSeLF). The mission of the Supporting Sustainable eLearning Forum (SSeLF) is to provide a platform for exploration and debate of ideas and findings arising from learning research and their application in practice of teaching in Higher Education. A unique aspect of the forum is its focus on issues of sustainable forms of technology enhanced learning (TEL) grounded in current research, contextualised within real-life practice. SSELF addresses sustainability in two ways. Firstly, through promoting dialogue between researchers and practitioners active in the field of technology-enhanced learning in order to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Secondly, SSELF facilitates capacity building by providing opportunities for postgraduate students to meet and work with leading researchers and practitioners in the field of TEL.


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